Shipping FAQs

How long will it take for a shipped pasty to reach your home or office?

2 days is our maximum delivery time. Freshness is the name of the game with Pure Pasty, and our thermopods (see below) are not designed for the third day and beyond. We strive to maintain the freshness of our shipped goods so that your experience is not entirely unlike those enjoyed by our local bakery customers. Fedex or UPS Ground services are favored where you’re inside their 2-day shipping range. Fedex or UPS Air services are utilized where you’re outside their 2-day shipping range.

Is there a minimum order before you’ll ship?

Yes. You must order at least six pasties for us to commit to shipping.

How exactly do we pack our pasties for shipping?

We use biodegradable Thermopod insulated boxes and frozen gels packs to keep them nice and cold. The pasties may arrive defrosted, but the temperature should not have dipped below 41 degrees fahrenheit.

What happens if your pasty order arrives damaged?

Contact us immediately and we will assess the damage with you. Please send us photos from your camera phone. We will then arrange replacement products or compensation while we get our boxing gloves out to deal with our shipping partner.

What time of the year do we ship pasties?

We will ship as long as we can justify. That’s usually until the end of April, then start again in September. In the summer, we consider the risks too high. We don’t want a bad product to arrive at your doorstep. We may soon have a facility that can utilize dry ice — at which point we will extend shipping to year-round.


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Welcome to The Pure Pasty Company. We are the first bakery of its kind in Northern Virginia. If you're looking for a meal that's compact and full of aromatic, homemade goodness, then look no further! The taste of Britain is here. Dig in!



Pasties are absolutely delicious! You catch that amazing smell as soon as you step in the shop. They remind me a bit of handheld pot pies.

J. Smithfield, Vienna VA.