Ohh Please tell us Mr Pastyman “What mouthwatering special is it this week?”

We rotate the specials around on a 2 week basis – Just take a look at our Facebook page for the latest news on what we have for your delights. The Veggie option is changed every month too, so nobody can get bored with same old offering. Desserts and soups change on a 2 weekly [...]

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Welcome to the official website of The Pure Pasty Co. of Vienna VA!

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Welcome to Pure Pasty

Welcome to The Pure Pasty Company. We are the first bakery of its kind in Northern Virginia. If you're looking for a meal that's compact and full of aromatic, homemade goodness, then look no further! The taste of Britain is here. Dig in!



Pasties are absolutely delicious! You catch that amazing smell as soon as you step in the shop. They remind me a bit of handheld pot pies.

J. Smithfield, Vienna VA.