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Pasties are seldom seen and enjoyed stateside. Ours are the authentic, award-winning variety from old Cornwall. We’ve been showcased by most major new outlets on the U.S. east coast and England. In 2017, we debuted at the World Pasty Championships. In 2018, we became the first American bakery to win in the “Open Savoury” category.


The name sounds odd, doesn’t it? Do you want to know how to pronounce it? It’s ‘pass’ as in football and ‘tee’ as in golf. The most important thing? They taste fantastic! Describe the product for you? A pasty is a savoury meat and/or vegetable pie. Don’t let the size fool you. These are complete meals! It’s designed to eat on the go while also being tremendously satisfying. There are a wide variety of fillings. We say “it’s all in the crust” because we take special care in baking these in-house. Buttery and flakey good! What does it look like? A pasty looks like a Spanish empanada — but more substantial. It’s a handheld pot pie.


The pasty originates from the southwest of England, in Cornwall. It has a long and unique history going back centuries. Some say it’s the oldest food to go! One of the first references is that Jane Seymour (Henry VIII’s 3rd wife) had pasties made for Henry by one of the local bakers. They are also mentioned in Shakespearean plays. Cornish folklore tells that the devil would never dare enter Cornwall because the Cornish housewife was so adept at creating pasties with any filling, he feared she would put him into a pasty. Perhaps the pasty is best known as the traditional food of Cornish tin miners (dating back to the 16th to late 19th centuries). The pasty has always been easy to carry and provides a hearty meal to keep a hard-working miner going strong all day. When the tin in Cornwall was mined out, the miners emigrated all over the world and took the pasty dish with them — including to parts of the United States.


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When should you order ahead? We really want you to get the pasties and pies you want. Please give us a call in advance for any order of miniatures, a big order of chilled pasties for your trip/vacation or any large orders of hot pasties. We can get really busy at times, with more people buying pasties than are coming out of the oven. We want to ensure we have the selection of flavours you might want. Call (703) 255-7147 and allow 30 minutes for pickup. Shop hours are Mon (11am-4pm), Tue-Fri (11am-7pm), Sat (10am-7pm), Sun (11am-4pm).


The most popular way to enjoy our food is grab and go. Please allow 30 minutes for pickup orders. Our crust and fillings respond well to reheating. Use your oven’s bake option (no convection needed). We offer a large range of baked and frozen pasties for convenient meals at home. For best results we use a combination of microwave and oven. REHEATING BAKED ITEMS • Defrost pasties, sausages, pies and minis in the fridge. • Pre heat standard oven to 425ºF. • Frozen — Microwave on full power for 2 1/2 mins (150 secs). • Chilled — Microwave on full power for 1 1/2 mins (90 secs). • Place on oven proof baking sheet and bake for 6 mins. • Be sure to check the internal temperature (should be 165ºF). BAKING UNBAKED ITEMS • This applies to the Pies and Sausage Rolls. • Pre heat standard oven to 375ºF. • Remove from packaging and brush with egg wash or olive oil. • Frozen Pies — Bake for 40 mins. • Chilled Pies — Bake for 30 mins. • Sausage Rolls — Bake for 25 mins. • Be sure to check the internal temperature (should be 165ºF).


Our partners are twofold — food providers with whom we work or locations who carry our food. Food ProvidersAyoba-YoR.J. Balson & Son ButchersThe Candy Drawer LocationsBest of British

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